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Subject Talk Series on Hong Kong Memory (2019/20)

Subject Talk Series on Hong Kong Memory (2019/20)

The “Hong Kong Memory” Project, conceived as Hong Kong's response to UNESCO's “Memory of the World” Project which aims to preserve historical records and valuable library collections through digitization, is a joint project launched by the Government of the Hong Kong SAR and The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.

A Hong Kong Memory website is built for the purpose, which is a multimedia website that gives free and open access to digitized materials on the historical and cultural heritage of Hong Kong, including text documents, photographs, posters, sound recordings, motion pictures and videos.

A series of talk on Hong Kong Memory will be conducted in Hong Kong Public Libraries from 2019 to 2020 in order to promote this resourceful website and raise the public awareness.

Past Activities

Hong Kong Products Exhibition from 1938 to 1974
Date & Time: 11.1.2020 (Sat) 3:30pm-5:30pm
Venue: Lockhart Road Public Library (Extension Activities Room)
Description: From 1938 to 1974, the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong organised a total of 31 products exhibitions. Pre-war exhibitions were closely related to China’s development of national industries and promotion of patriotism. In the post-war period, Hong Kong industries flourished, and products exhibitions became a platform to promote Hong Kong industrial products. Participating manufacturers employed various gimmicks to attract the attention of buyers and members of the public, including holding different competitions and contests at the exhibition venue, such as Miss Exhibition Pageants which was broadcast live on television, rendering the exhibition an anticipating annual event for the public. The event had been suspended for 20 years since 1974 and did not resume until 1994.
The Culture of Bamboo Scaffolding [Full!]
Date & Time: 30.11.2019 (Sat) 3:30pm-5:30pm
Venue: South Kwai Chung Public Library (Extension Activities Room)
Description: Bamboo scaffolds are a common sight in Hong Kong, but they gain little favour from local residents. As a matter of fact, scaffolding techniques are one of our precious cultural heritage. In this talk, the speaker will explain the history of development of bamboo scaffolding in Hong Kong, types of bamboo scaffolds, wise use of mechanics in different scaffolding structures, scaffolding for festive occasions (bun tower and bamboo matshed) and the prospects of the scaffolding industry in Hong Kong.
Home of the Past: From Squatters to Public Housing
Date & Time: 7.9.2019 (Sat) 3:30pm-5:30pm
Venue: Kowloon Public Library (Extension Activities Room, 8/F)
Description: Through historical photos and residents’ life experience, the speaker will share with participants the joy and sorrow of living in squatters and public housing (including resettlement areas, low-cost housing and former Housing Authority estates) in the early years.
Story of Hong Kong Movies: Rivalry between Shaw Brothers and Motion Picture & General Investment
Date & Time: 27.7.2019 (Sat) 3:00pm-5:00pm
Venue: Hong Kong Central Library (Lecture Theatre, G/F)
Description: During the post-war period, the southward influx of film-makers from Shanghai, coupled with the northward inflow of capital from Singapore and Malaysia to Hong Kong, led to the blooming of the film industry and made its days of glory. In particular, the vigorous rivalry between Run Run Shaw who moved to Hong Kong from Singapore and his fellow Singaporean competitor Loke Wan Tho gave birth to their respective film empires “Shaw Brothers” and “Motion Picture & General Investment” (MP & GI) and ushered in the era of grand studio productions in Hong Kong. In addition to multiple high-profile waves of talent poaching, they strived to pioneer the launch of films of similar themes, thus putting them into direct rivalry. With equally unexpected plots, stories at the back of the stage are just as captivating as those on stage.
Restoration of Tai Kwun: Centenary Story of Central Police Station [Cancel!]
Date & Time: 15.6.2019 (Sat) 3:00pm-5:00pm
Venue: City Hall Public Library (Extension Activities Room)
Description: In this talk, the speaker will introduce the origin of the name “Tai Kwun”; its roles in law enforcement, the judicial system and correctional services; and Tai Kwun in different periods, namely the World War I, pre-World War II, Japanese Occupation and post-World War II periods, as well as Tai Kwun at present/in future.
Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage: History of Dragon Boat Races in Hong Kong
Date & Time: 25.5.2019 (Sat) 3:30pm-5:30pm
Venue: Sha Tin Public Library (Extension Activities Room)
Description: Dragon Boat Festival is one of the traditional festivals still widely celebrated nowadays in different parts of China. However, different places have their own rituals and customs owing to the wide disparity in traditional local cultures in China. Take Hong Kong as an example, the celebration activities for Dragon Boat Festival take different forms in urban and rural areas, and this is also the case in different villages, despite that they are co-located in the New Territories. This talk mainly presents the festive events held by various community organisations in Hong Kong at Dragon Boat Festival in the past century, demonstrating how this traditional Chinese festival has been developed into the “intangible cultural heritage” nowadays under the active support of the government in Hong Kong.