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Return to Voices and Sounds: the Ways to Appreciate Guangdong Nanyin

Return to Voices and Sounds: the Ways to Appreciate Guangdong Nanyin (Full)

Date: 2020/11/14 (Saturday)
Time: 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 noon
Venue: Tsuen Wan Public Library (Extension Activities Room)
Speaker: Professor Ching May-bo (Professor of the Department of Chinese and History, the City University of Hong Kong)
Organiser: Jointly organised with the Intangible Cultural Heritage Office
Remarks: Conducted in Cantonese. Free admission by reservation. Reservation starts on 31.10.2020 (Saturday) and can be registered online via the website of the Hong Kong Public Libraries ( or made by calling the respective libraries. Seats are limited. Each person may reserve only one seat for each talk. First-come-first-served. For enquiries, please contact 2851 6134.
Enquiry Telephone Number: 2490 3891

Nanyin is a type of narrative song art that has been popular in Cantonese-speaking regions since the Mid-Qing dynasty. Its lyrics structure is relatively fixed, and can also be applied to other Guangdong folk art forms by making some modifications. When appreciating nanyin, one should listen carefully to vocal styles and the instrumental accompaniments so as to experience the authentic charm. This lecture attempts to guide audiences towards appreciating all different singing styles used by the nanyin singers while getting rid of visual constraints, regaining a sense of hearing, identifying ancient and modern elements and slowing things down to enjoy life.