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The Hong Kong Musicians Series: FUNG Wah and

The Hong Kong Musicians Series: FUNG Wah and "Kam Lok Fu"

Date: 2019/1/2 (Wednesday) to 2019/4/30 (Tuesday)
Time: Library Opening Hours
Venue: Hong Kong Central Library (10/F Arts Document Reading Room)

FUNG Wah (1924-2017) was passionate about music throughout his life and was famous in the music field for more than 70 years. He made remarkable contribution to the Cantonese opera, Cantonese film, Cantonese operatic songs and the phonographic industry of Cantonese music in Hong Kong. He set up the music society "Kam Lok Fu" to promote Cantonese opera and nurture many notable artists.

The exhibition showcases the manuscripts of music scores, clay-printed script of the Cantonese opera, gramophone records, leaflet and photographs. Readers can find out more about the master of Cantonese music.