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Summer Reading Month


Since 2002, the the Hong Kong Public Libraries has been organising a large-scale reading programme, Summer Reading Month, each summer. Parents and children are encouraged to read together in summer when joining the colorful and fun thematic exhibition and a rich variety of reading activities.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and hence the exhibition is specifically themed at "A Tour of Chinese Culture", in which the types and development of Chinese scripts and 10 items of intangible cultural heritages in China and Hong Kong are introduced. Children will enter the gate of Chinese Culture and taste the joy of reading and beauty of Chinese scripts in this exhibition.

We sincerely thank you for the support of the National Library of China to provide Oracle bone script for the exhibition.

Other than the thematic exhibition, there are a series of meaningful, attractive and fun activities in Summer Reading Month, including family contest on dramatization, reading talks, cultural performances, parent-child workshops, interactive storytelling sessions, Reading Charter, etc. What is more, a thematic resources guide is prepared for parents, teachers and children to know more about the great Chinese culture with the use of library resources.

Parents and children,  come and join our fun and vivid reading activities this summer and become happy booklovers through reading and learning.

Summer Reading Month 2017: Activities
Summer Reading Month 2017: Thematic Exhibition for Children
Summer Reading Month 2017: Cultural Performances
Summer Reading Month 2017: Contests
Summer Reading Month 2017: Workshops
Summer Reading Month 2017: Reading Charter
Summer Reading Month 2017: Book Exhibition

Download Summer Reading Month 2017 "Programme Booklet"

Download Summer Reading Month 2017:"Reading Charter"

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