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Meet-the-Authors 2018 - Read: Open Up A New World


  Meet the authors in April - June 


  Read: Appreciating the Literary Arts 


Date and Time


Registration / Enquiry

Ms. Kam Ling

22.4.18 (Sun)


Lam Tin Public Library

2927 7055

Dr. Eddy Lee

22.4.18 (Sat)

2:30-4:30 pm

Lecture Theatre,

Hong Kong Central Library

2921 0335

Mr. Bluegodzi

29.4.18 (Sun)


Aberdeen Public Library

2921 1055

Prof. Chow Po Chung

5.5.18 (Sat)

2:30-4:00 pm

City Hall Public Library

2921 2555

(then press [2] [8])

Ms. Lok Yee & Ms. Mai Mai

9.6.18 (Sat)

2:30-4:00 pm

Ngau Chi Wan Public Library

2927 6055


  Read: Exploring the Society


Date and Time


Registration /


Mr. Clarence Fong

22.4.18 (Sun)

2:30-4:30 pm

Tiu Keng Leng Public Library

2360 1678

Ms. Venus Lam

28.4.18 (Sat)

3:15-5:15 pm

Lai Chi Kok Public Library

2746 4270

Mr. Kenneth Wu

12.5.18 (Sat)

2:30-4:00 pm

Tsing Yi Public Library

2497 2904

Mr. Brian Kwok

19.5.18 (Sat)

2:30-4:00 pm

Kowloon Public Library

2926 4055

Mr. Kelvin Wong

26.5.18 (Sat)

2:30-4:00 pm

Fa Yuen Street Public Library

2928 4055




  • Talk conducted in Cantonese. Free admission.
  • Registration by telephone begins 2 weeks in advance for the public and 3 weeks in advance for members of 2017-18 Teens' Reading Clubs of Hong Kong Public Libraries, schools and youth organizations. First-come-first-served.
  • Please arrive on time. Registration becomes invalid when the talk begins. Seats will then be allocated to persons who are waiting at the venue.


Download Meet-the-Authors 2018 Programme Leaflet