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Green Life – Waste and Recycling





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Waste : a handbook for management*
Author:Trevor M. Letcher and Daniel A. Vallero
Publisher:Elsevier Science & Technology, 2019
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Zero waste
Author:Shia Su
Publisher:Skyhorse, 2019

Reducing waste
Author:Flounders, Anne
Publisher:Red Chair Press, 2014

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《和孩子一起DIY 80件綠色環保玩具》
Printed Book:Library Catalogue

Author: 鄔柏強

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Author: 楊魯



 * About the Authors and Content:

Trevor M. Letcher and Daniel A. Vallero


  • Trevor M. Letcher is Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. His research involves the thermodynamics of liquid mixtures and energy from landfill. He has published over 300 publications in peer review journals in his research and edited and coedited twenty books in his research interests.
  • Daniel A. Vallero teaches courses in optimization, ethics, sustainable design and green engineering at Duke University. As an authority on the environmental measurement and modeling, Dr. Vallero has conducted research, prepared environmental assessments, and advised US legislative and executive branches on environmental issues.
  • The book “Waste : a handbook for management” provides information on a wide range of hot topics and developing areas, such as hydraulic fracturing, microplastics, waste management in developing countries, and waste-exposure-outcome pathways. It provides reliable guidance on how best to manage wastes in both the private and public sectors.

Source:  ProQuest Ebook Central


  • 畢業於香港大學理科碩士環境管理系和香港中文大學工商管理學士專業會計系,為香港註冊教師。通曉環保、教育、商業、財政和通識。
  • 這本有關「廚餘減廢」的書籍是作者的碩士論文。作者透過深入訪問香港市民、食品供應商、香港政府和環保團體,了解他們對廚餘的態度、決策和面對的困難,從而建議解決香港廚餘問題的方法。


Source: SUEP e-Book