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Mystery of Life – Sea Creatures





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HyRead ebook【Login

HyRead ebook【Login

Author: 何佳芬
Publisher: 親親文化,  2017
Print Book: Library Catalogue

《科學揭祕動物世界, 海洋類》
Author: 于今昌主編
Publisher: 麗文文化,  2015

《浮冰上的小可愛 [有聲書]:豎琴海豹》
Author: 電子書製作團隊製作
Publisher: 小牛頓科學教育有限公司、文承電子出版有限公司,  2016

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《奇趣百科館. 3F, 水族樂園》
Author: 九色麓主編
Publisher: 中華教育, 2018
Print Book: Library Catalogue

Sea Creatures! From the Shallows to the Very Deep - Oceans for Kids - Children's Exploration & Discovery History Books
Author: Left Brain Kids
Publisher: Left Brain Kids, 2016

Prehistoric Sea Beasts
Author: Matthew Rake
Publisher: Hungry Tomato, 2017

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OverDrive eBooks【Login

OverDrive eBooks【Login


Saving the Endangered Green Sea Turtle
Author: Sarah Machajewski
Publisher: Britannica Educational Publishing, 2016

Blowfish's Oceanopedia:291 Extraordinary Things You Didn't Know About the Sea *
Author: Tom Hird
Publisher: Atlantic Books, 2017
Print Book: Library Catalogue

Sea Otter Heroes
Author: Patricia Newman
Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group, 2017



 * About the Authors and Content:


  • 美國南加大教育心理學碩士,從事童書編輯語翻譯工作多年。
  • 作品曾獲得「好書大家讀年度好書」和「好書大家讀」推薦。
  • 《神奇的海洋》輔以相片和充滿童趣的插圖,向讀者介紹了海洋裡的各種動植物。

SourceHyRead ebook

Tom Hird

  • A marine biologist, conservationist, broadcaster and author
  • The book《Blowfish's Oceanopedia:291 Extraordinary Things You Didn't Know About the Sea》 is a stunningly beautiful guide to all we know about our oceans and the weird and wonderful creatures that inhabit them

SourceOverDrive eBooks, the internet