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Happy Festivals – Chinese and Western Festivals





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Author: 李開周
Publisher: 時報文化, 2019
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Author: 駱思嘉
Publisher: To Be Charm, 2015
Print Book: Library Catalogue

Author: 蕭國健
Publisher: 中華書局, 2018
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《世界奇趣節慶. 1》
Author: 鄧子健圖.文
Publisher: 新雅文化, 2017
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《漁村變奏:廟宇、節日與筲箕灣地區歷史. 1872-2016》
Author: 陳子安
Publisher: 中華書局, 2018
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Author: 班建武
Publisher: 廣東教育出版社, 2017

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Author: Brundle, Joanna
Publisher: KidHaven, 2019

Country Living Christmas at Home
Author: Country Living
Publisher: Hearst, 2018

Festivals and Celebrations *
Author: Jenner, Caryn
Publisher: DK Publishing, 2017
Print Book: Library Catalogue



 * About the Authors and Content:


  • 青年學者,《南方都市報》專欄作家、曾在《新京報》、《中國經營報》等媒體開設專欄。著有《逛一回鮮活的宋朝民俗》、《過一場歡樂的宋朝新年》、《吃一場有趣的宋朝飯局》、《歷史課本聞不到的銅臭味》等。
  • 逛一回鮮活的宋朝民俗》文圖並茂地以宋朝人的角度介紹婚喪嫁娶,生老病死,要遵守的規矩,亦介紹一年之中大部分的節日和節氣的奇風異俗。

SourceHyRead ebook

Jenner, Caryn

  • Caryn Jenner is an English teacher. She has written several titles in the DK Readers series. Her picture book, Starting School, was one of the books longlisted for the UK’s 2012 School Library Association Information Book Award in the Under 7 age group.
  • The book “Festivals and Celebrations” introduced the different annual festivals, holidays, and events held around the world and explores the celebrations in other countries so that readers can understand the traditions and values of different groups of people and broaden their worldview.

SourceOverDrive eBooks, the internet