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Mental Health – Pressure Handling







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《輕鬆駕馭壓力:史丹佛大學最受歡迎的心理成長課 》
Author: 凱莉.麥高尼格(Kelly McGonigal)著; 薛怡心譯
Publisher: 先覺, 2016
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Author: 謝明憲著
Publisher: 心靈工坊文化, 2014
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《和壓力做朋友:別讓壓力毀了你, 壓不死你的只會使你更強大》
Author: 田臨斌
Publisher: 菁品文化, 2020

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Stop Anxiety from Stopping You*
Author: Odessky, Helen & Duffy, John
Publisher: Mango Media, 2019

Success without the Stress
Author: O'Callaghan, Maureen
Publisher: Oak Tree Press, 2019

The Mindful Way through Stress
Author: Alidina, Shamash
Publisher: Guilford Publications, 2015


 * About the Authors and Content:


  • 1967年生,臺北人,臺大醫學院醫學系畢業,臺灣大學醫學工程研究所博士。曾於2003至2004年赴美國加州大學聖地牙哥分校進修精神疾病之神經生理研究,並於2011至2012年任臺大醫院雲林分院精神醫學部主任。專長為失眠、焦慮、憂鬱及精神分裂症等精神疾病治療。
  • 《開心紓壓》探討壓力對身心各層面之影響、造成壓力的外在因素與個人特質,從而應用壓力來提出從身到心、由外而內的壓力管理原則,多管齊下,紓解壓力。學會與壓力共處,重新調整自己的步調,避開壓力帶來的負向影響,度過活力充沛的每一天。

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Helen Odessky

  • Helen Odessky, Psy. D. is a licensed clinical psychologist, anxiety expert, author and speaker, who runs a private practice in Chicago, focused on anxiety, OCD and panic treatment. She is a member of Anxiety and Depression Association of America and a member of the Illinois Psychological Association.
  • The book “Stop Anxiety From Stopping You” offers the reader a six –step framework and practical real-life strategies to overcome anxiety, stop panic attacks and anxiety treatment, etc.

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