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Western Cultural Icons – Ludwig van Beethoven, Leonardo da Vinci







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Author: 羅曼‧羅蘭 (法)
Publisher: 汕頭大學出版社,2018

Author: 馬翠蘿編著
Publisher: 新雅文化出版,2017
Print Book: Library Catalogue

Author: 王志豔編著
Publisher: 元華文創,2015

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Author: 耿建興文;廖宸玉圖
Publisher: 長晉數位,2013

《國家地理雜誌 [2019年5月 No. 210]: 重新發現達文西》
Author: 國家地理雜誌編輯部編輯
Publisher: 大石國際文化,2019

Leonardo Da Vinci: Renaissance Artist and Inventor
Author: Kuligowski, Stephanie
Publisher: Teacher Created Materials, 2013

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Author: Jacobs, David
Publisher: New Word City, Inc., 2017

Leonardo: a Restless Genius
Author: Forcellino, Antonio
Publisher: Polity, 2018

The da Vinci Legacy: How an Elusive 16th-Century Artist Became a Global Pop Icon
Author: Isbouts, Jean-Pierre; Brown, Christopher
Publisher: Apollo Publishers, 2019


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Becoming Leonardo: An Exploded View of the Life of Leonardo da Vinci
Author: Lankford, Mike
Publisher: Melville House, 2017

Leonardo Da Vinci – Artist, Thinker, and Man of Science
Author: Muntz, Eugene
Publisher: Parkstone International, 2015

Life and Works: BEETHOVEN
Author: Beethoven, Ludwig van
Publisher: Naxos Educational
Category: Music Biographies
Catalogue No.: 8.558024-27