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Food Culture

The food culture has a long history. From ancient time to nowadays, from royal banquets to fast food culture, it displays not only people’s lifestyle at that time in that place, but also inherits the eating habits and cooking skills of various nationalities. To know more about the changes and differences of food culture between the East and the West, below e-resources are recommended for you.



OmniFile Full Text MegaLogin

Example: Roman, Nancy E. “The power of business to change food culture for the better.” Stanford Social Innovation Review, Vol. 17 Issue 3 (Summer 2019), p. 18.
  Miller, Jeffrey P. “Fast food: the good, the bad and the hungry.” Food Culture & Society, Vol. 20 Issue 1 (March 2017), p. 182-183.

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Example: Gallagher, Tom. “Food culture is evolving along with our urban lifestyles.” Indianapolis Business Journal (18-28 December 2017).
  Craig, Winston J. “Slow food.” Vibrant Life, Jan/Feb, 2010.

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Example: Muth, Natalie Digate. “The taste and culture of food.” IDEA Fitness Journal, Vol. 16, Issue 3 (March 2019), p. 24-31.
  Dunlap, Rudy. “Recreating culture: slow food as a leisure education movement.” World Leisure Journal, Vol. 54, Issue 1 (March 2012), p. 38-47.

China Academic Journals Full-text Database (中國期刊全文數據庫)Login

Example: 王輝。〈淺析中國飲食文化的特征〉。《飲食科學》,2019年02期。                                                                                                                              

China Masters’ Theses Full-text Database (中國優秀碩士學位論文全文數據庫) Login

Example: 李茜子。〈日本美食電視劇研究〉。《湖南師範大學》,2019年01期。                                                                                                                                


Extended Readings via e-books

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Publisher:衛城出版, 2015

Publisher:臺灣商務, 2014

Publisher:中華飲食文化基金會, 2013

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Apabi Chinese eBooksLogin

Apabi Chinese eBooksLogin

Author:朱玉  劉巧燕
Publisher:重慶大學出版社, 2016

Publisher:甘肅民族出版社, 2015

Publisher:經濟管理出版社, 2010

ProQuest Ebook CentralLogin

ProQuest Ebook CentralLogin

ProQuest Ebook CentralLogin

《Food on film : bringing something new to the table》

Author:Hertweck, Tom
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2014

《Food history almanac : over 1,300 years of world Culinary history, culture, and social influence》
Author:Clarkson, Janet
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2013

《The story behind the dish : fifty classic American foods》
Author:McWilliams, Mark
Publisher:ABC-CLIO, LLC, 2012

eBooks on EBSCOhostLogin

eBooks on EBSCOhostLogin

eBooks on EBSCOhostLogin

《We eat what : a cultural encyclopedia of unusual foods in the United States》

Author:Deutsch, Jonathan, Fulton, Benjamin and Zeitz, Alexandra
Publisher:Santa Barbara, 2018

《From Canton restaurant to Panda Express : a history of Chinese food in the United States》
Author:Liu, Haiming
Publisher:Rutgers University Press, 2015

《Street foods》
Author:Von Bargen, Hinnerk
Publisher:Wiley, 2015