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2021 Reader Opinion Survey - Feedback Form

2020 Reader Opinion Survey

Hong Kong Public Libraries
2021 Reader Opinion Survey
Online Feedback Form

Please help us evaluate and enhance our quality of service and facilities by giving your opinions in this form.


* required field

SECTION A : Opinion


(5 = Very Satisfied, 4 = Satisfied, 3 = Average, 2 = Dissatisfied, 1 = Very Dissatisfied, N/A = Not Applicable, N/U = Never Used)


1. Staff performance

2. Opening Hours

3. Environment

4. Collections

5. Services & facilities

6. Self services & facilities

(# Implemented in the following libraries: City Hall, Sha Tin, Lai Chi Kok, Lockhart Road, Shun Lee Estate and Tin Shui Wai North.)

7. Outreach Services

8. e-Services

9. General comments

10. Newly-added Book Data for Local Publications in the Library Catalogue

  i. Would the newly added book cover images and summaries of local publications help you choose books?

 ii. Would the newly-added book cover images and summaries of local publications attract you to borrow or reserve books?

iii. Apart from adding book cover image and summary to the local publications in the Library Catalogue, HKPL can apply these book data in the promotion through social media posts, library webpages or other online media. Do you think that this way would increase the effectiveness of reading promotion and reach more readers?

iv. In addition to the cover image and summary of local publications, which of the following types of additional information can help you choose books? (Please select one item)

v. Adding book cover images and summaries for local publications in the Library Catalogue:

SECTION B : Personal Information

If you wish to receive information on extension activities or news of the Hong Kong Public Libraries, please provide your email address:

Thank you very much for your feedback!


The information collected will be used by the Hong Kong Public Libraries for the purpose of providing library services only.  This Feedback Form will be destroyed within 3 months after the completion of “2021 Reader Opinion Survey”.